Narcisism As A Tool Of Self-Consciousness

For me the self-portrait shooting has always been an intimate, sensible way of showing the connection of my own self with the immediate environment and the reality (of my life) in which I gather my experiences with intuition, emotions and expressions.

In my self-portraits, I am not only showcasing my physical manifestation, but my inner being, through various alter egos, which in some cases are bluntly and directly presented, while in others are covered by the veils of mystery, which in itself might be an attempt to keep a piece of my inner world for myself. And, yet, I, sometimes unconsciously, share my complete being with the outside world, often through certain amounts of symbolism. In other words, it is generally the case of revealing my complete Self as a representation stylized and shaped in line with the socially acceptable norms.

Perpetuating myself, my facial expressions and emotional habits, I record a particular moment in time, leaving an everlasting stamp as a reminder of something that had happened to me.

I feel that as the author, shooting himself, I am never completely objective, but I am guided by the idea that my narcissism is part of the process of self-examination, discovery and rediscovery. So, in my self-portraits I'm researching my own Self, rather than glorifying it, and therefore, inevitably I am meeting that own Self again in the process.

In the NOW I am what I will remember being when I am else. 

2007-2010 #selfexploring  #beginnings #immature

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