Erotic Photography

When erotic photography is concerned, my work is mostly taking four directions. Aesthetically stylized portraits are often either shot into a specific mythological and/or fairy setting or represent a concept stemming from the archetypal and mythological themes. 

Portraits which, unlike the previous ones mentioned above, don’t imply or play with specific themes but rather aim at closer anatomic resemblance, built as fragmented depictions of the body, and sometimes as a “bit of everything” within them, merely driven by improvisation and spontaneity.

Work (huge part of it), inspired by ancient and antique art, which have always fascinated me. With art being inextricably linked to aesthetics, I have always been guided by the idea that beauty, in an aesthetic sense, is not equal to perfection and that due to aesthetic norms that impose socially acceptable prejudices, related to body shapes and the masculinity itself (in its completeness), the imperfect body is framed as un-beautiful with its impeccability, importance, power, eroticism and sexual potential – diminished. That is why my work often presents imaginary of such aesthetically or socially unacceptable forms, bodies, personalities. As an artist, through the concepts I work on, first and foremost I am offering my perception of the world surrounding me, while I also have embraced the mission to visually put for discussion, challenge and often reverse the common representations of the naked male body with all its inner and emotional implications and meanings in the contemporary social, political and aesthetic contexts

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